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The company faced highly variable order to cash demand, with surges every quarter-end. They possessed a manual order to cash process involving 50 full time staff (FTEs) performing more than 16 validations against quotes in their ERP. Backlogs were inevitable, even with seasonal staff. The company tried digitization, but found the intelligent OCR solution they selected had higher set-up costs than expected. It also required manual creation of customer order form templates, that delivered inconsistent results. Troubleshooting became a burden, and impacted the delivery of the outstanding customer support that the company is known for.


Automating the company’s order to cash process overrun with unstructured data, was a perfect match for Automation Anywhere’s IQ Bot. With IQ Bot, the company has automated 20% of their order to cash process with 75% straight through processing (STP) in just five weeks. They also experience 4X faster set-up time than the existing OCR application. The company met its aggressive goal of concept-to-production in under 5 weeks. IQ Bot’s unparalleled transparency enables rapid troubleshooting, ensuring satisfied internal and external customers.


  • 4X Faster set-up time
  • 8 FTE’s focus higher-value work
  • $350K Savings in 3 months
  • 75% Straight through processing '
  • On-demand Quarter-end scaling
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