Synergy, Western Australia’s leading energy generator and retailer, had previously outsourced its transactional billing processes to a local third-party supplier. The process was costly, time consuming, and required users to access multiple systems such as SAP ERP, document management, websites and MS O­ce. They needed to realize cost savings whilst also reducing average handle times and error rates. Overall, these improvements should also improve the end customer experience.


In September 2016, Synergy’s Information and Communication Technology (ICT) business unit chose Automation Anywhere’s RPA solution to automate its billing processes. Synergy engaged PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) to train an internal team to deliver RPA solutions.

The project solution exceeded Synergy’s expectations with its ease of deployment, rich command library and short learning curve. A particular strength of the technology was the ability to rapidly deploy new processes, in weeks rather than months.


  • 280+ bots in production over a 15 month period
  • $2.3+ million overall annual value
  • $1.5+ million of annual cash benefits
  • 163% ROI 99% reduction in errors to just .05%
  • 40% reduction in billing transaction processing time
  • Agile delivery, with robots operational in weeks not months
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