Automation as IT's best ally

  • Governing Security with GDPR – The RPA Perspective

    The numbers are staggering. Since 2005, over one billion consumer records have been breached in 7,800 separate instances. Equifax, Target, Neiman Marcus, were the most prominent in 2017. Gartner...

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  • Six Steps to Cognitive Automation Success

    So you’re interested in cognitive RPA? You’re not alone. Almost half of enterprises implementing RPA in the next six months will be doing so with RPA solutions that offer cognitive capabilities.

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  • RPA is Hot but Cognitive Automation is Hotter

    Almost everyone has heard of RPA, and nearly everyone is doing it. Sales of RPA software between 2016 and 2022 is predicted to rise at an astounding 57% yearly rate at a time when enterprise...

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  • The Benefits of Cognitive Automation

    Today, we’re all in the technology business. If we’re not effectively leveraging the latest technology as we embark on our respective journeys of digital transformation, we’re probably going to...

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  • What is Cognitive Automation? A Primer

    Anyone who has been following the robotic process automation (RPA) revolution that is transforming enterprises worldwide has also been hearing about how artificial intelligence (AI) can augment...

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  • Cognitive Automation Bridges the RPA- AI Platform Divide

    Automation Anywhere has rapidly grown a customer base of more than 900 enterprises becoming the global leader in robotic process automation (RPA). Why? Its platform is the most intuitive to use...

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  • Infographic: Why automation is IT’s biggest ally

    Infographic: Why automation is IT’s biggest ally

    IT and business users have to cohabitate...but with the rise of democratization of IT, it’s not always easy. While IT should always remain wary of leaving business users to their own devices...

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  • Test Automation as a Growing Part of IT Governance

    Image source: Solitude8 via wikimedia.orgThese two terms – test automation and IT governance – rarely get mentioned today in the same breath. This is going to change, at least for the smarter...

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  • The 5 Automation Questions Your IT Lead Will Undoubtedly Ask

    When the ability to use a tool like automation software becomes available to more people within an organization, it can be an IT lead’s best friend or his worst nightmare. Naturally, when vetting...

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  • IT automation and disaster recovery realities

    IT automation and disaster recovery realities

    Disaster recovery started with IT. (Unless we’re talking about navigating disasters such as the infamous, impending ‘worse’ cup of office coffee due to climate change). People realized that with...

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  • Catalyzing innovation: How IT teams are doing it with RPA

    Recently, Gartner released its predictions for IT organizations projecting out to the year 2020. According to an article covering Gartner's predictions, "IT is no longer just about the IT...

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